Welcome to NakedSponge, the home of nothing exciting in particular. This used to be the domain of a way cool webpage that I started back in 2003 – it was this crazy idea I had for an online journal, a place where I could post pictures of events and stuff for my friends since nobody was net-saavy enough or had enough patience to figure out the boring and frustrating world of HTML.

By modern day standards, NakedSponge was a barbaric page. Bland. Boring. Forged with primitive tools that were the digital equivalent of the abacus. But back then, I was a member of an elite cadre of supernerds. I had a copy of GoLive and too much spare time on my hands. I had a WEB PAGE.

Nowadays, they have a new name for my “online journal with pictures”; they call it a “blog”. And there’s NOTHING special about having one anymore, because the tools are easy, the hosting is almost free, and the bandwidth flows freely like the rum from a freshly tapped keg on a pirate ship. Sites like Flickr have made posting photos easy – click and presto, your photo is online! While my friends started figuring that out, I was still making each stupid thumbnail and coding each and every link like an digital cave man. My friends were updating their pages instantly and effortlessly and I sat toiling in the dark, cursing my outdated copy of GoLive.

So I gave up. Times have changed, so the “journal with pictures” is now a blog now. I mean, It’s still a journal (of sorts), it’s still got some pictures and fun links, but instead of a bland page that I created because I didn’t know how to do anything better, I’m using a bland pre-made blogging package and creating a site that looks just like everything else out there.

So what are you waiting for? Go click on some stuff already and enjoy the place!