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Super Awesome Animation

About a year ago I attended an satellite event here in New York for a festival called PictoPlasma, which is a super rad european based festival / conference that focuses (loosely) on the art and execution of character design, among other things.


Anyhow, Picto NYC had really great presentations and screenings – one of the lads from the uber hip London creative shop TokyoPlastic did a presentation on how to manage the creative process while working with advertising agencies (who more often than not derail the creative process by trying to over-manage it). The show ended up with a crazy performance art piece by the guys from a design and performance installation shop calledFriends With You which was really wild. See?


The screenings were super duper double plus awesome times ten and one of my favorite presenters / artists was an Irish guy named David OReilly. He was is ths incredibly talented and fantastically bright 21 year old dude who talked about his avant-garde viral animated shorts called “Please Say Something”. PSS is a series about a cat and his domestic partner, an abusive mouse. The series is weird, funny and unnerving all at the same time and it’s all told via this cool retro-low grade style.


Check out Please Say Something here, it’s really wild.

It reminded me of the early MK12 stuff – with the folding boxes and tubes and such. Really, really simple models (I think he said most of his scenes were something like 500 polygons) and very wild style, with a really neat storytelling angle. I chatted with him afterwards and was totally impressed, he’s incredibly well spoken and an amazing artist.

I also identified with him because he had done this OTHER silly project (which nobody knew about) as a joke under a fake name that had for some reason struck up a chord with the internet crowd. David did a horribly primitive animated short which he posted to YouTube under the name “Randy Peters”, claiming he was an 8 year old boy from Chicago who had lied and told YouTube he was 13 so they wouldn’t delete his account. Octocat became this weird internet hit so David made a few more, which a small but frenzied fan base gobbled up.


OctoCat is worth a laugh, and the last episode is pretty wild. Check out the first episode on YouTube.

Anyhow, nobody could figure out who this “Randy Peters” kid was… until David’s presentation at Pictoplasma. He admitted that HE was in fact Randy Peters, and talked about his experience, and then screened the (world premier!) 5th – and FINAL – episode of Octocat, which basically revealed that there was in fact NO Randy Peters, and the whole thing was a joke, and people should now go find something else to obsess over.

I kind of saw David as a kindred spirit, I guess. He made this fun little thing that just kind of blew up and he didn’t really know what to do with it. We’ve got some similarities there, except he’s a MUCH better artist than me and he doesn’t wear a fancy leopard print fez. He’s amazingly talented and I made a point of bookmarking his site to keep tabs on him.

Well, apparently U2 also took notice of his skills – because they asked him to do their next music video. And it’s AWESOME. David is making some great stuff. I’m really digging this guy’s work. Very fresh!


Check out the video on David’s Vimeo page.
It’s super great! Go David Go!

Check out his site here.

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