Kevin — September 27, 2006, 11:00 pm

Digg party in San Fran!

W00t! I bolted right after work yesterday to the airport and flew to San Fran…


…as an invited guest (yup, the whole gang was there) for party celebrating Revision3’s new website!


Here’s a Flickr page with a ton of fantastic photos taken by photographer Scott Beale; great photos (including the one above here). The closeup one of me is just insane. What a freak!


It is just so much fun to go into a party full of people who really down with the Web2.0 action – lots of people who really dig the show, fantastic ego pumping comments, and great energy. I got my photo taken a bunch of times and came up with the idea that if someone asked me for a photo, I would return the favor. So here’s a quick gallery of all the fun people I met last night!

The day after I wandered over to Digg headquarters where I got to check out a live Digg taping, which was totally great:


After that, we did a quick interview on the roof of Digg’s headquarters with Geek Entertainment TV, which was without a doubt the weirdest interview I’ve ever given. We were hung over and made, I’m quite sure, no sense.


Kevin and Alex hung back and watched us make fools of ourselves…


…which should be online within… I dunno, a couple weeks? I have no idea how long it takes them to get episodes ready. Certainly faster than WE’RE able to turn them around.

Then I bolted to the airport and headed home.


Back to work tomorrow. Flying down to SF for one day to drink. BANANAS!

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  1. Comment by Mike O. @ September 28, 2006, 12:40 pm

    Snap. I’m in 5 of those pictures! Sorry, didn’t mean to hang in the background so conspicuously 🙂

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