Kevin — July 20, 2009, 12:34 am

Big Tim Hortons Excitement!

Hey! So happy news, Tim Hortons has expanded to New York! 12 Dunkin’ Doughnuts (the perennial New York favorite) closed their doors on friday and were retooled into Timmies over the weekend. By Monday morning, the signs were up and New York was getting its first taste of Double Doubles!

I’ve often winged about the coffee here in New York – they put in too much milk, it’s way too weak and it tastes terrible. New York does everything else right – pizza, bagels, cocktails, mass transit; it’s fab. Coffee, though, even from places that are “renound” for good coffee fall short – it’s all mostly junk.

So when Tims opened, I made a beeline to the nearest one (which was actually on the other side of town) in Penn Station. Aaah, Penn Station. You know how wonderful and regal and gorgeous Grand Central is? It’s amazing. Penn is exactly the opposite. It’s a grey, boring hole. But it’s got Tim Hortons, so away I went!


I printed out a little Canadian flag and taped it to the back of pencil so I could (quietly and inoffensively) cheer on my Canadian namesake while ordering my doughnuts – despite the fact that Tims as a whole is basically American anyhow, purchased a few years ago by the Wendy’s folk. I figured the staff would get a kick out of it, and if you look at the photo of me hoisting my domestically made double-double, the girl behind the counter in that photo seemed to find the entire process pretty amusing.

I picked up a box of a dozen doughnuts and returned them to the office so my co-workers could enjoy the taste of Canada! THe general consensus was that Tim’s doughnuts were a little less sweet and fatty than Dunkin, which are themselves less sweet and fatty than Krispy Kremes. The random sampling netted some positive reviews but some co-workers were complaining at the lack of Maple (which, apparently, were due to arrive in a week). Here’s my exciting inter-office doughnut display!


I wrote a little note letting everyone know that the doughnuts were a gift from the Government of Canada and Her Majesty the Queen herself. As a guest in America it is my pleasure to offer fat-laden bounties from my home nation as a way of thanks! Let’s hear it for North / South relations!


Amusingly, when I was at Tim Hortons a reporter from the Toronto Star actually was hanging out and interviewed me. I’m the last paragraph – and she very nicely shaved a couple years off my age. Here’s the link.

Yay for Tims!

Oh, side note – it’s not QUITE the same coffee. It’s BETTER than Dunkin’ Doughnuts, but it’s still on the weak side. Hopefully they’ll amp it up once they iron out the bugs.

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