Kevin — June 15, 2009, 11:47 am

Trip Done & iPhone coming from China!

Ok I’m back in Nashville now from my big trip, at work today. Man did I sleep like a log last night, three days riding that paint mixer beat me senseless. How do people actually ENJOY that abuse? Anyhow, the bike gets dropped off back at the Honda dealership with a “good riddance” in a few hours.

Still, despite the beating, the Trace was lovely and now I can check that off the “do this before you die” list. Next up is flying an Ultralight through the Grand Canyon. I’m not kidding.


Anyhow, while I was riding, the busy little iPhone makers in China were bolting together my shiny new 32 gig white iPhone 3GS! I ordered one the day after the WWDC keynote (I’m still using an unlocked 1st gen that is sporting a huge crack in the screen) and begrudgingly signed up for AT&T (I’ve been using T-Mobile up to this point). Anyhow, I just got this from Apple – my phone is on the way, shipping direct from China!


Should be on my desk when I get back from Nashville late on the 19th! Yahoo!

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