Kevin — June 13, 2009, 9:50 pm

Tupelo, not New Orleans

Ok, so I had to cut short my ride. Priceline, you can keep my 70 bucks for the hotel in New Orleans. You win this time, Shatner!

I simply couldn’t do another 4 hours on the rattletrap crapheap that I rented. I’m now checked into the Scottish Inn in Tupelo – I went from Memphis down the road as far as I could, then bolted over to Highway 55 (boo, boring) where I bee-lined it for Jackson, Missouri, which looked like a good place to hop on the Natchez Trace.

Here’s me bemoaning my sore ass at a rest stop. I basically pulled over every chance I could get!


Anyhow, I got to the Trace around 3:45 – I COULD have driven all the way to Natchez and hit the start of it, but I figured 360 miles was almost as good as 425, so what the hell. Close enough. Here’s me driving on the Trace! A photo I took WHILE RIDING! My Mom LOVES these photos.


Don’t worry Mom, there’s video too! I know, awesome, you can thank me later.

Here’s what you basically see for 400 miles. It’s beautiful. But on either sides, there’s towns, so you can literally hop off, get gas, get a mountain dew, and get back on. It’s like a giant park that lines the highway for a mile or two in each direction. Super neat!


Anyhow, while I didn’t make it to New Orleans this time, I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough. The start of the trip was a little rocky but today was great. I’m off to get some dinner & perhaps a cocktail (mint julip??) at Woody’s, which was recommended by someone on Twitter. Yay!

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