Kevin — May 3, 2009, 4:49 pm

District Nine!

Holy awesomesauce, check this out! How awesome is this! So awesome! How many times can I saw awesome? Awesome. Ok, first, if you haven’t seen the trailer for “District 9”, go and check it out here.

Notice the final credit block – how rad is this?!


If nothing in that credit block is jumping out at you or appearing overtly awesome, I have taken the liberty to highlight the awesome part:



How rad is that! Well done Shorter! So awesome radical! I went to see Wolverine on Thursday @ Midnight and the D-9 trailer was on the show. I let out a nerdy “yay!” when the card came up, which was odd, because it was the only noise in the theater, but I didn’t care. It’s just so awesome. 99% of the people reading this probably know Clint already but for the three people that don’t, Clint is one of my very best buds, he’s a super talented composer and some of his best known works are the VigRX Party Special and the Tiki Bar TV theme song!!

So congrats, Clint One! Here’s a shot of the special guy (along with the rest of the crew) from Clint’s bachelor party in Vegas (he’s the dude on my right; second from the left in this group shot. Missing from this shot is Bunt-One, as he was the photographer).


Awesome awesome! Go see District Nine when it comes out and make sure you tell everyone how awesome the music was!


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