Kevin — September 6, 2006, 10:45 pm

Modding of the MonsterMac continues!

So I bought this new video card from Ebay, and after thirty minutes of using it, the screen looked like this:


Apparently my Mac gets so hot that the video card cooked itself into a freaked out, pink, hazy mess. GREAT. The seller on Ebay told me to ship it back so I’m hoping a replacement will come in the near future (as opposed to an email saying “sorry, you broke it, sucks to be you”).

I had no idea it got that hot in there – I mean, Apple didn’t spend the eleven fucking cents or whatever for a temperature sensor, so my only way to judge is the amout of hot air it spits out and how hot it gets. Yeah, it’s hot alright, and not much air comes out because the Verax fans are low-flow (and one of the fans is almost entirely covered by a IDE cable running from my Sonnet card – that may be a culpret as well). That, or the four high-speed hard drives. And the uncompressed capture card. Or the two CD drives.

Anyhow, I’m eager to increase the ventilation, so I went and installed this, for starters:

ultra1.JPG ultra2.JPG

It’s a double fan setup that sucks hot air from the case and ejects it out the back of the tower. It’s got a standard 4 pin power connector and just fits in a PCI slot, and it seems to be doing the trick – hot air is indeed shooting out the back, and it’s not all that loud (which is nice).

Then, to help add some air directly to the video card (once it comes back, anyhow – the current one doesn’t seem to mind the heat all that much) I got this thing:


This pimped l33t h4x0r fan has a dope blue glow (which nobody can see) and shoots air DIRECTLY on the GPU. It’s got a little speed controller which is actaully on the PCI slot itself, and even at full blast it’s almost silent. The problem is, most PC cases (which I didn’t know until I opened the box) have the video card as the FAR RIGHT PCI slot. NOT ON A MAC! It’s on the FAR LEFT. So this thing would sit next to the video card and suck hot air off it’s surface. GREAT.

So, with a little surgery and some plastic model glue I unscrewed all the bits, swapped it around, and presto chango, it’s facing the right direction. Of course, that means the PCI fins are sticking straight up in the air and the thing is being held in place by a single PCI slot screw, but hey. Whaddya gonna do.

And it’s still glowing blue, inside my case. You know, ’cause I’m l33t like that.


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  1. Comment by Cameron @ September 7, 2006, 12:23 am

    I’m surprised you haven’t gone the liquid cooling route.

    Yes, it’s me… again.

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