Kevin — March 7, 2009, 12:57 am

Vegas on a smaller scale… sort of

So I’ve been working a lot these past few months. Like, A LOT. We downsized at my company in December and the work didn’t go away; it just all got piled on me. Which is great in this current market; I’m employed, and working, and indispensable, which is nice, but MAN I got a lot of work! Without a word of a lie, I work every day from about 10am until around 11pm. The janitor comes in at around 2pm, he leaves at 9pm and I turn off the lights. EVERY NIGHT.

So when Bunting said “let’s go to Vegas” a couple months ago, I was like “HELL YES”. I needed a vacation. I was looking forward to it. I mean, I was REALLY looking forward to it. To the point were I convinced myself (and somehow Bunting) that we should get matching white linen suits.


I was determined to pack as much R&R into these three nights in Vegas as possible. Mark and I extended the offer to the usual suspects, but none of them were man enough. Who is “to busy” for a weekend in VEGAS?? Cowards. No matter. Mark and I had a plan for Vegas. Two men, against the odds. Two men, ready to shake Vegas down until it gave up the cash.

Two men… In matching white suits.


See, I was so pent up about having a super powered packed vacation that I didn’t (surprise!) really think it through. When we go to Vegas, we generally go with Clint, AKA Mister Sensible, stops us from doing anything REALLY stupid. We don’t go clubbing because Eric thinks “clubs are stupid”. I get my ‘big nights out’ when i hook up with bozos like the Marley Brothers and we end up inheriting a bottle service table from two drunken girls at Tao and we stay out partying like rock stars on somebody else’s dine until 6am! See? THAT! I LOVE THAT KIND OF VEGAS!


Well, the problem is, Mark and I are also the two loosest gamblers in our little group. We’re usually kept in check by Clint (who, I admit, is a little more sensible than I am). But alone, with nobody to say “wow, that’s a silly bet, are you sure you want to put a hundred dollars on red?” things kind of… fell apart. Quickly.

Plus, there was the fact that I was absolutely determined to pack two weeks of vacation into three days to make up for the insane hours I’ve been pulling for the past few months… that really didn’t help either. Mark and I both hit the casino like absolute mad men the first night. There was no dice left unthrown, no cards left unplayed, no wheel left un-spun. We were frantic, wide eyed, wagering savages and Vegas rolled us around in its mouth like a tasty lozenge, sucking off our delightful sugary coating until we were left with a bitter, tiny core, at which point we were spat out into the trash can.

Or, at least, offered breakfast.


You know when you’re making the most money in Vegas off “the wheel” that you are REALLY doing poorly.

Still, it was a (relatively) fun trip even if it did end up being a little more expensive than I had planned.

and I do think we looked pretty dapper in our suits.
Mark works the linen.

Workin’ the Wheel.

New shooter coming out!

…aaaand Seven OUT.

Recharge at the Oxygen Bar at the Venetian! A Vegas TRADITION!

Well at least we had a strip view.

Made a hundred dollars on the Canucks game!

…and of course we enjoyed a few cocktails.

So all in all, a great trip, just a little… one sided. We literally gambled, like, the entire time. Try as we might, we didn’t claw back from our first night, but we did have a good time.

Vegas, you owe me – Next time!!!

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