Kevin — March 7, 2009, 12:13 am

El Nino

Well, I’m one month down in my new apartment. I do like it – there’s still some stuff to chuck and some spaces to figure out – I should have a photo tour for you in a few weeks!

I’ve met my downstairs neighbor already. She locked herself out of her apartment (the lock broke) so she wandered up to use my phone to call the super. She seems nice, which is good. I like having nice neighbors. I do miss Nino – the lovely gentleman who lived next to me at Patchin Place. When I went back the day after I moved out to clean the apartment (which Nino and his friend Kevin found hilarious; “that’s a crazy european thing; here, you move out, and if you haven’t lit the place on fire, you get your deposit back” I snapped this shot with my iPhone. Nino’s been in that same apartment for 50 years. FIFTY YEARS in the same apartment! Imagine the things has he seen, watching New York change through the 50 years he’s stared out at it from his apartment windows. He said of my famous neighbors: E. E. Cummings was “a lovely man” and Djuna Barnes was “a miserable old bat”. Nina declared me “one of the nicest neighbors he’d ever had” because I was respectful and didn’t act like a loon (and apparently he doesn’t mind hearing the chatter of M-16 fire and endless cursing at 2am).

So anyhow, here’s Nino, on the right, and his friend Kevin on the left.


Super nice guy. Thanks for a great first year in New York Nino – you rule!

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