Kevin — August 4, 2006, 3:34 pm

Team Fortress 2 trailer!

Holy AWESOME! “Team Fortress” was one of those games that just stole hours and hours and hours from my life and I never regretted one second. Valve’s follow up looks just INCREDIBLE – I’m getting sick to DEATH of cartoons and animation that try to be “real”. If I want “real”, I’ll go watch the News.

Games, on the other hand, have all been about getting as close to reality as you can; so this seems like a bit of a “blue ocean strategy” for Valve. Hey, for me, it’s getting people – specifically older people – used to stylised content, which is the kind of stuff I want to be doing as an animation guy. This is the direction I want to go as an artist; telling stories for a more grown up audience with characters like this. So the more it’s exposed and accepted by the public, the better.

Check it out – it looks really, really cool. If this is how it looks “in-game”, i’m gonna be way impressed. This is obviously the PC version, i’m keeping my fingers crossed the Xbox360 version looks similar.


Click HERE to watch the trailer.

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  1. Comment by Cameron @ August 4, 2006, 11:40 pm

    You play on your Xbox360, I’ll play on my PC… and I’ll salt the earth with your online corpses. (Assuming Valve goes for multi-platform online gaming.)

    In Gamepad vs Keyboard & Mouse, Keyboard & Mouse is Rock, Paper and Scissors.

    Xbox…. pshaw.

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