Kevin — October 23, 2008, 12:31 am

Not so grumpy a post

Ok, here’s something FUN from Ottawa! Sorry about the last one, I kinda got carried away.

Anyhow, every year, Cartoon Network hosts the “animators picnic”. There’s burgers and beer and all the animators from the show and from art schools in the area (and as far away as Washington DC) get together for burgers, beer, and camaraderie (except for the guys who make experimental movies; they get their own party. That one takes place in a black velvet lined room lit with a single pink christmas tree bulb, and they all turns blowing bubbles out of a tuba that sits in the middle of the room on a petrified tree-stump while wearing kettles on their heads like hats.

Anyhow, one of the highlights of the picnic is the pumpkin carving contest – it’s a crowd full of artists, so they always come up with some amazing ideas! Here’s a few snaps.

All the folks line up to check out the masterpieces!

Teams have an hour or so to make their masterpieces. Here they all are on display.

Crazy pumpkin carousel!

Pumpkin TV!

Pumpkin SNAIL! How great is that!

This pumpkin has had a bit too much to drink, I’m afraid.

There’s definitely some John K style influencing this pumpkin. Check those crazy apple eyeballs. Awesome!

Zombie pumpkin.

Pumpkin Elvis!

MORE Zombie action!

…and my absolute favorite, PUMPKIN TOTORO!!!

So great. Man, I wish I could do this. Every year I’m amazed at how rad these are. Great stuff!

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  1. Comment by Torie @ October 24, 2008, 9:24 am

    i would have to say my favourite pumpkin is the carousel.

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