Kevin — September 15, 2008, 12:29 am

Up Up and Away

Man, “busy” does not even BEGIN to sum up the past couple of weeks. I went to a fantastic show here in New York called Pictoplasma (it’s normally a european conference, and this was its first time in North America). Really artist driven, very cool stuff, and the screenings were absolutely amazing. Really, REALLY awesome stuff; great design, great animation. It’s now one of my favorite conferences.

Artists would come out and do presentations; Tim Biskup did a really, REALLY good talk about where he gets his inspiration from and his personal journey as an artist. One of the guys who owns TokyoPlastic did a talk on working with clients and creative freedom and how to push yourself and your work.

Then these total nuts named “Friends With You” came out in these whacky costumes modeled after some of their characters and did this “presentation” of sorts; this synthesized computer voice would talk, and one of the characters would act as if it was him or her talking (we’re talking serious speak and spell here). Then they would step back for a second and the screen would some some art, or an installation they had done, or something.

At the end they threw out all these inflatable toys which the audience beat the hell out of while everyone danced to crazy music.

It was a great couple days of presentations and some really inspirational screenings; I’d strongly recommend ordering the DVD from the website and if at all possible, attend it next year.

I leave Tuesday for Ottawa for the Ottawa Animation Festival (and the “television animation conference” which is the two days before it) so I can see slightly less awesome films, but that’s only because the curator Chris Robinson is a miserable fart who only likes films that make no god damned sense and are designed to either totally confuse you, bore you into a stupor, or make you cry. He’s an “ariste”, see, so I guess he keeps picking all these weird films to show us how smart he is and how dumb we all are.

However, I think he falls asleep sometimes during the selection process, and some of the other judges manage to sneak a couple actually interesting or (gasp!) funny films past him now and then, so sometimes the films are actually pretty good! So I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that to happen this year.

I’m getting to Ottawa in the absolutely cheapest way possible – a direct flight was 800 bucks. 800 bucks!! Get out of town! Amtrak had a sale – a mere 79.00 to Montreal for a relaxing (and hopefully lovely) 11 hour train ride. I’m hoping it’s a really nice ride and I get to see some great views, or I’m going to lose my marbles. From Montreal, it’s just a short 2 hours Greyhound for 30 bucks.

THEN, I fly from Ottawa BACK to New York (on Sunday) but I don’t leave the airport; I sit there for two hours and then hop on a plane for Paris. It’s two days in Paris, two days in Angouleme, then back to Paris for one more day – then rather than fly home on Friday, I’m going to hang out in Paris for the weekend.

So, yeah, work’s busy, and life is crazy, but I get to go to PARIS. So you know? No complaints!

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  1. Comment by Cameron @ September 15, 2008, 2:10 am

    I love Paris.

    … but I think 10 days is the minimum length of time you need to spend there.


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