Kevin — August 25, 2008, 9:13 pm

Someone has hijacked my BABY!

Good gracious! Check out this amazing spam I got today. In fact, I got it three times.

Someone HIJACKED my baby! TERRIBLE! She was just sitting on the jetway, getting refueled by a giant boob, and these scoundrels came along an HIJACKED HER! This man with a mustache stood stood up in the middle of the baby and said “take this baby to Venice!” and demanded the baby be flown to Italy FORTHWITH or he’d start tickling the baby until it threw up.

Seriously? I’m not opening your attachment. And what the hell is a photo of my “fume”? You has attached photo? Can I has cheezeburger? Did the Monorail cat hijack my baby?

Please, guys, seriously. Just die. Nobody likes you. Stop sending this shit to my mailbox.

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