Kevin — August 24, 2008, 2:11 pm

Need a website?

A friend of mine on Twitter was looking for a hosting company suggestion, so I recommended the one I use: Midphase. It’s been really good to me, the service is solid, and when you need help it’s all done over email with these incredibly fast and very clever dudes who strangely all have Russian names. Anyhow, my friend thanked me for the suggestion and asked if they have a referral plan. I didn’t know, so I checked and HELL YEAH they have a referral plan!

So for goodness sakes, if you need website, but it via this link! Midphase is great, I’ve been with them a couple years having tried iPowerWeb (offline too much, flaky email), Globat (Clint’s favorite, but their email settings were whack; I was trying to email people at EA and the messages kept getting rejected – I checked with Globat’s monkeys and they said “oh, EA must have their servers set up wrong”. Yeah. That’s it. The biggest game developer & publisher in the world is all messed up, but YOUR settings are right? Suuure.

Three years later and I’m still rocking Midphase, they’re great. Anyhow, click this thing and check it out. It’ll tag a cookie on your system which (apparently) will remember you got to them from me for a year, so even if you buy it in 5 months without clicking via me, I get my credit, which is pretty nifty.


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