Kevin — May 26, 2008, 9:17 pm

Shotgun Hole No More

I finally figured out how to repair the damage done to my bedroom door in my fit of Hulk-like rage. I’ve been on the prowl for something thin to cover the door with so I could drill a new (clean) hole and put in a new (non locking) doorknob and I finally figured it out – clipboards! They’re really thin compressed wood, so I just bought a couple from the dollar store, cut off the top part where the clipper thing was and hot-melted it to the door. I’ll throw in a couple of screws later and then paint the whole thing white and it should look… well, better than it did, anyhow.

I actually got a little excited today and installed a small air conditioner in my bedroom window – a co-worker gave it to me (it belonged to an old roommate who has since left the city, and it was abandoned in a closet). It’s FANTASTICALLY loud, so I’ll be replacing that bad boy with something (hopefully) quieter really really soon. To that point, why in the listings for air conditioners does it list the BTU’s and the size and the power consumption but NOT the decible rating? It’s a measurable, definable number. Why do I have to lug it home and cross my fingers to find out how loud it is? Dumb. On the air conditioner note- man, it was hot today. I made the mistake of saying to someone here “boy, its hot today”. They looked at me like I was from Mars and said “are you kidding? Dude, you have NO IDEA what you’re in for if you think THIS is hot”.

I am honestly really, really nervous about this summer. I HATE THE HEAT. It makes my brain melt, I can’t think, I get cranky & miserable… I just HATE HEAT! Cold? Cold’s great. If you’re cold, put on a hat. Problem solved! What do you do when you’re hot? Nothing! There’s not a damned thing you can do. You can’t remove your scalp now, can you? I never go to the beach and lie in the sun because, well, to me, that’s just about the worst god damned thing you could do with your spare time, aside from running into a brick wall at high speed over and over again. Seriously? Laying out in the sun until your brain is a hot, bubbly, thoughtless mess? Yeah, no thanks.

So yes, I’m a little freaked out about how I’m going to handle the New York heat & humidity. Get ready for some meowy miserable comments in the coming months!

Ah well.


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  1. Comment by Cameron @ May 27, 2008, 6:32 pm

    Decibels involve distance (as well as direction). How do you put that in the specs? “110dB: if you’re kneeling directly behind the unit, at ear level, at a distance of 1m. 70dB: if you’re off to the side, 2m back, 3m to the side, and slightly above the unit.”

  2. Comment by ancientrobot @ May 28, 2008, 4:19 pm

    I would have kept the clip-part of the clip-board in tact above the knob so that you could clip things to it like reminders. Or a sock on the outside of the door to tell all your room mates (air conditioner & counter) that you’re shaggin’ it and braggin’ it!

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