Kevin — May 17, 2008, 4:56 pm

April in Playback!

Well look at this! April Telek, who I basically haven’t seen since my highschool days, is on the cover of Playback Magazine! I may be living in New York but I do like to keep abreast of what’s happening “up north” (it’s good to know, for example, if the DGC strike is likely to happen and if so, when might I expect to see Mark Bunting on my couch). My mom diligently mails my copy of Playback along with my outstanding Revenue Canada bills down to me each month. Playback is a welcome arrival, the Revenue Canada bills, not so much; but I appreciate the expedient service nonetheless.

So imagine my surprise when I popped open my monthly manila envelope and saw April’s mug beaming back at me! Apparently April’s going to appear on Season 3 of the CTV series “Robson Arms”. Congrats April! Awesome!

Not a bad turnout for our little drama class. Russell has his own acting school, April is on TV, Jeff is making it big on the internet, Gio is working for Disney, Ryan is out shooting docs after basically running the top newsmagazine at the CBC, Sean attended the most prestigious film program in Canada and now knows more about HD than any human alive, and I’m here in New York making cartoons. Not bad for a bunch of yahoos who spent afternoons playing “Freeze Tag” and “Scene Three Ways”. We all ended up in entertainment, albeit via some odd directions, but I think Mister Reid would be pretty proud.

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  1. Comment by Cameron @ May 17, 2008, 8:31 pm

    At least you’ve proven (with that pic) that you were still alive up until April 28th(?), 2008. Can we expect to receive a ransom note sometime in the near future?

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