Kevin — April 14, 2008, 10:30 pm


Gettin’ busy again, but here’s a quick snapshot – I hopped on the Staten Island Ferry and did the free little cruise from Manhattan to Staten Island. It SOUNDS really quaint, until you realize that unlike the Islands I’m used to (Vancouver Island, Hornby Island, Denman Island), Staten Island isn’t a lush, quaint little vacation spot, it’s basically where New York dumps the garbage (or so I’m told, anyhow). So I basically went over, grabbed a slice, wandered around for a bit, and headed back.

Going over, you do get a nice view of the Statue of Liberty – she’s actually pretty small in real life. We didn’t pass all THAT close, so it’s a little blurry because my lens kind of sucks (look at me, I’m already trying to convince myself that I need to buy a new camera!)


On the way back you get a nice view of Manhattan coming in (which is also an island – I’m an island hopper! Har har har). I stitched a few together to make one bigger panorama:


Anyhow, we’re all busy at work getting ready for the New York City Comic-Con, which kicks off this Friday. This’ll be my, what, seventh comic-con? I wonder how it’ll compare to San Diego?

I bet it’s got better bagels, that’s for damn sure.

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