Kevin — January 24, 2008, 8:36 pm

I Like This Town

Look at this thing! This… MONSTER… is a Gyro. It’s the size of a god damned dinner plate! This thing could feed a family of THREE! And tonight, it was my dinner, and it cost me four dollars and twenty five cents. The pepper shaker has been added for scale reference – and keep in mind it’s a BIG pepper shaker.


I think I’m going to like it here JUST FINE.

Oh, and i think I found an apartment – after seeing, like, fifteen of them. I’m applying tomorrow, so cross your fingers for me! I need to chase down a Canadian credit report, get a whack of letters, the works. It’s not like I’m BUYING the damned place, but they seem to think it’s pretty close.

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  1. Comment by corsiworld @ January 25, 2008, 9:12 am

    It ain’t no Schwarma but I agree, that’ll do just fine! Good luck with the apartment, post pics if you get it!

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