Kevin — January 21, 2008, 9:29 pm

New York!

I’m here!

Well, I’m KIND Of here. I’m staying with some friends in New Jersey, which is sort of New York (it’s only a 45 minute commuter bus ride from Downtown). Hopefully it’s just temporary, I’ll be checking out some apartments tomorrow once I get my American bank account set up. Apparently apartment hunting here means you show up with a check to cover the down payment if you want to take it off the market (because if you don’t, someone else will).

Anyhow, while I may be here in New York, the rest of my stuff is presently outside of Portland, Oregon on its grand trans national journey.

Here’s what my U-Pack Relocube looked like when it arrived:


No exactly palatial! But the fine folks from MiniMove did a fine job packing it up – we could have fit even more stuff (had the sale not gone so well). Here’s Michel from MiniMove packing my entire life into a metal box:


And here it is all packed:


Bizarre, to see my entire life inside a metal box. It’s been a few days of bizarre; my last breakfast at my local greasy spoon (Renos on Broadway) was weird. Walking up to my usual coffee place and having the girl say “see you again” was also odd – because she won’t, really. I did manage to get in a single night of skiing on Grouse when it was really clear, which was really great – I’m going to miss that view. I don’t have any photos because I stupidly didn’t pack the data cable for my camera, so all these photos are coming from my iPhone, but here’s one I took with that when I caught the Seabus last week:


Vancouver really is beautiful, eh?

Back to the weirdness – going to the airport and filling out a boarding card for the US border and writing “USA” as my place of residence. That was weird. Listening to two guys from LA who were sitting behind me on the plane rave about how beautiful Vancouver was was also a little weird, but a nice send off nonetheless (I wonder how many people leave Toronto and get to hear tourists talking about how beautiful their city is? Probably none).

Anyhow, I wanted to thank everyone who came to the party on Friday – it was a really, REALLY great time. I was literally the last man standing; Clint, Andrea, Eric & Lesley and I were kicked out around 3am, and wandered up to Fritz for a poutine (something I’ll probably never find in New York!). All four of them piled in cabs for the North Shore, leaving me standing there, the last man standing, at 3:30am. I stumbled home to my Mom’s place and crashed around 4am (and woke up to my favorite breakfast – thanks Mom!). It was just a great night, I had a buckload of fun and I hope everyone keeps in touch over Facebook and email and the like (and, of course, by checking in here). Gio & Chad posted a bunch of great photos. It’s awesome have friends who each own three grand worth of camera gear!


Anyhow, it’s full time apartment hunting tomorrow. Wish me luck and thanks again to those of you who came to the party, it was really great to have such an amazing turnout!

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