Kevin — January 15, 2008, 1:12 am

Getting Close!

Every day it’s something I need to do – call BC Hydro to kill the power after I’m gone. Shut off the phone service so the next resident here doesn’t call Tajikistan for six hours at a time on my dime. Back up the essentials to a firewire drive that I can carry with me on the plane in the event the cargo cannister containing all my worldly possessions somehow ends up in Tajikistan.

I also went to see my accountant, who did my taxes… for 2006. Yeah, I kinda forgot about those. They’re done now – and to encourage me to send in a check right away, I got this friendly sticker on my return:


Thanks Ken! It’s in the mail. You do find the weirdest shit when you’re cleaning up. Like, I found this sugar skull that Patrick picked up when he was in Mexico at a “day of the dead” festival. It had somehow managed to fall behind a box in a cupboard!


Then I found these babies – home made Zinfindel, aged a wonderful 10 years. Notice the mold now growing on the inside of the bottle. Absolutely undrinkable, but it remains amusing.


I made the labels myself at the print shop I used to work at! Anyone want one for their wine shelf? For comedy reasons only, of course.


Even the Fez got packed up today; it’s nicely mushed in a box, ready to go to New York.


Christ, this is exciting!

Hey, if somehow you didn’t hear, I’m having a going away party THIS FRIDAY at Vibes (555 Davie St). Come on down and drink with me!


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