Kevin — January 10, 2008, 12:17 am


The machine that started it all. My Commodore 128 – my first computer. My training wheels onto the internet (before it was called the internet). Before the web, before blogs, before newsgroups and IM and DSL and torrents… way, way back to the days of 300 baud and the almighty BBS. When getting email involved taking over the phone line, hearing that magical string of sounds through a tiny speaker… and then you’d subconsciously mutter the magic words: “I’m in”.


I’ll file this in my Mom’s storage locker, along with it’s sibling, the 1571, son of the mighty 1541.


Every time I unearth this machine I feel like an archaeologist unearthing the digital version of a flint arrowhead. I need to get it bronzed or something. All my friends had C64’s a year or two before me, but my father demanded we wait because the guy at the store said “a better version of the computer was coming out soon”. Two years later I got the 128 and never looked back. Hell, somewhere in this house is an Epyx FastLoad cartridge, too; I should turn that into a necklace or something.

Back in the box you go, old timer. Thanks for the memories.

10 print “basic rules 4ever”
20 goto 10

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