Kevin — January 3, 2008, 12:10 am

New York City Boy

BIG NEWS! The ol’ Gambler is on the move.

I’m moving to NEW YORK CITY!

I’ve landed a gig in Manhattan, home of the giant meaty sandwich. I’m going to be doing some consulting for a US animation client who have offered me a one year contract. I’m frantically packing up my essentials because in two weeks they’re going to be packed into a 6x7x8 cube and shipped to a warehouse somewhere in New Jersey. Once they arrive I’ll fine some dude with a van on Craigslist and hire him to help me unpack the cube and haul everything to my (currently non-existant) apartment (located somewhere; the Village, perhaps?) in Manhattan.

MANHATTAN! Christ, it’s weird just to TYPE it, let alone say it out loud. I’m moving to NEW YORK CITY. Bananas!

I’ll be hopping back and forth between the US, Canada and a bunch of other places (they have shows all over the world they want me to consult on) so I should be able to keep coming home and putting on my fez and cracking terrible jokes now and then. Which is great, you know, what with all the ladies that gets me.

Har har.

Anyhow, I’ve spent the past 7 years in this tiny studio of mine. And as you may know, I am a HORRENDOUS pack rat. All this crap sure as hell isn’t fitting in one tiny little ReloCube.


It’s the sale of the century! Perfectly timed to take place right after Christmas so you can buy yourself the gift you always wanted – the one your loved ones failed to get for you! I got Furniture, Toys, Comics, Nerdery, DVDs and more books than I have common sense!

IT’S A NO HOLDS BARRED SUPER SALE OVER HERE! Tell all your friends! Buy my crap!

The Mini’s going to live in my Mom’s underground parking and my CBR’s going to stay with my Dad, so thank you in advance for the incredibly kind lowball offers for those vehicles.

So there you have it.

New York, baby.

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  1. Comment by esroberto @ January 28, 2008, 11:59 pm

    You promise, fez-boy? Cuz everyone has noticed your less-than-inconspicuous absence from T-kee bahr ep 33, you know. I know, I know, it doesn’t generate income per sé, and it’s just some larky bon-bon and all that, but… you know that kid in the ER waiting room you talked about in your good-bye email to Mainframe? Well that’s what the aforementioned larky bon-bon does for its fans.

    And like most fans, I’d be more than willing to pay a dollar for an episode — if it had you and Lara (no offense, Jeff, but your initial instincts were and are still dead on). If you’ve got 100,000 fans worldwide now and it’d cost us 6 or 7 bucks per year, you’re talking enough money to let you only do the projects about which you’re most passionate. Just sayin’. We love you guys.

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