Kevin — October 31, 2007, 8:50 pm

Happy Hallowe’en!

I guess you could say I got inspired by last weekend, because I decided to dress up today as an “old school candy raver“. After a quick trip to the dollar store for flashing doo-dads, Toys-R-Us for a fun backpack, and Bizarre novelty for a plastic whistle and some glow sticks I was ready to rock. Literally.



Candy necklace, fingerless gloves, blue hair.


Here I am in full dance form. I had two little glowing flashing sticks that I used to help accentuate my routine. And what, pray tell, what I dancing to?


Well, in my purple fur lined plastic backpack I had my iPod in a portable player so I was constantly surrounded by grooving tunes, yo. I of course had candy to give away, some more glow sticks, some red bull, stickers (planets for boys and butterflies for girls) and more flashing goodies.

Check it all out in action!


Eventually it was time for the staff to judge; everyone in the studio met in the lounge and mingled – those not in costumes got a ballot and could vote! I went into full vote-gobbling mode and handed out candies, hugs, and danced with anyone who didn’t try to take a swing at me.


I think the crew gets a kick out of watching the Producer make a complete ass out of himself, shamelessly embarrassing himself for a shot at a hundred dollar Best Buy gift certificate. See?


The competition was fierce and I lost out to a very elaborate (and much more creative) Edward Scissorhands costume. While I did lose 1st place, my idiocy did earn me SECOND! I made off with a 50 dollar gift card for Chill Winston, which is a local lounge. I spent 70 bucks on this getup, so in retrospect, i’m only out 20 dollars!

You may recognise the shirt – it’s actually got rave street cred. It hasn’t been out of my closet for damned near 7 years. See?



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