Kevin — October 30, 2007, 9:02 pm

Monster Massive 2007

A friend of mine in LA, who can’t seem to stop raving despite being over the age of 23 (which seems to be the upper ceiling for ravers these days) called me in a panic – she’s quite possibly the biggest Armin Van Buuren fan in the world and he was coming to Los Angeles THIS WEEKEND for a killer party and she didn’t have ANYONE to go with and would I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come down and go to the party with her PLEEEEEASSE?!

Well, I’m glad she called, because it was an absolutely fucking KICKASS night. Armin was out to prove something – just two days earlier DJ magazine crowned him as the “top DJ of 2007” and he definitely wanted to prove why he was the man. And people keep saying Trance is dead! Well you’re wrong, you nay-sayers! WRONG! It was one of the best sets I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing in my 14 years of raving – it was non stop, flat out, kickass melodic progressive Trance that kept us glued to the dance floor for two and a half hours of screaming, sweaty, furious dance mayhem. He absolutely ROCKED, it was epic track after epic track with no garbage at all! He opened with John O’Callaghans “Big Sky” which had the dilated-pupil crowd (which is to say, 95% of the people there) grinning and swaying from the start and then he put his foot on the gas and didn’t take it off for the whole night. No dead spots, no flaky weird euro-cheeze or odd broken proggy tech-house garbage sections that you can’t dance to. Just screaming, pounding 4/4 beats all night. Marcus Schultz, who opened for him, laid down a great set too so in all, we didn’t leave the dance floor for like 4 hours.

The frustrating part was the cockheads who threw the party decided that people couldn’t bring in digital cameras! I had to abandon mine outside in a bush and I picked it up after the party. What kind of idiotic rule is no fucking cameras at a party? It’s not like we’re going to film the band and post a bootleg of the performace. It’s a load of dudes playing records. Still, with 30,000 people in attendance, some managed to sneak their cameras in – so thanks to Flickr (and the previous YouTube links) here’s a few photos of the crowd – as you can see, it was absolutely jam packed.




Beyond the killer tunes, I’d say the highlight of the night was when a saucer-eyed 18 year old pointed at us, smiled, and said to his friends “hey, look! Cool old people!”.


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  1. Comment by Cameron @ October 31, 2007, 9:58 am

    DJ of the year in October? That’s just nonsense. That must suck for the DJs who were planning on turning it up a notch over the next 2 months.

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