Kevin — September 26, 2007, 3:38 pm

Midnight Madness!

Halo 3! The geeks came out en masse to make Halo 3’s midnight launch extra special and super nerdy. Clintone, Brimstone32, Dallif & I all hit EB Games in Park and Tilford (thinking a more suburban location would have a smaller lineup) at midnight on Monday so we could finish the fight. Apparently, a few people had the same idea:


It took us an hour and fifteen minutes to secure our copy (EB’s distribution logistics were shit). None the less, the lineup didn’t dull my excitement!


The three of us raced home and had some Team Slayer fired up by 1:30am. We eventually turned it off by 4am, which gave me a whole 4 hours sleep until I had to be up to get ready to go to a conference were I had a meeting every 30 minutes with a load of foreign animation studios. The first few meetings were REALLY, REALLY challenging.

Clint emerged as the leader for the evening picking up an “MVP achievement” which cranked up his gamerscore another 5 points. I matched him the next day when I picked up the “User Car Salesman” achievement (also 5 points) after tearing a loaded Warthog (with 3 opponents) to ribbons using the new Spartan laser. VERY satisfying.

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