Kevin — September 23, 2007, 5:54 pm

I could not resist

Well, with the dollar at par and the unlock solution now possible without aid of a soldering iron, I could resist no longer. I drove down to the Apple store in Lynnwood yesterday and joined the nerd elite.


After an hour of installing and some light FTP work, my iPhone is now unlocked and happily working on the Rogers network. All the features work (except visual voicemail, of course) and it’s absolutely amazing. The first thing I did, of course, was to go into the network settings and REMOVE the Rogers EDGE server information, because if you don’t do that you’d be looking about about 500 bucks in data charges thanks to our third world data rates in Canada (by the way, Rogers: FUCK YOU!). My iPhone now works as a cell, a PDA, and can do all the fun net-stuff wherever there is Wi-Fi (so, basically, everywhere).

Seriously, if someone showed me this phone a year ago, I would have probably assumed that person had a time machine and had come from the year 2050. the iPhone is so futuristic, so clean, so slick, so beautifully designed; every action, every menu, every thing it does has a beautiful animated flourish, which is both ever so subtle and bold at the same time. It’s impossible to describe. I cannot stop flicking anything and everything, it’s so smooth, so amazing, so slick. So… Apple.

I heartily suggest you hop in your ride, get down to a US Apple store and get in on the action. The Unlock voids the warranty, but hey, that’s why they call me the Gambler. Because I like to play the odds.

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