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Comic-Con 2007 (Finally!)

Ok! After constant pressure from Buckley, here’s a few of the photos I snapped at Comic-Con this year. It was my fourth time going; I was surprised how few photos I took. I guess the magic is becoming old hat!

Here’s some of the madness that jumped out at me!




The magic of Comic-Con comes mostly from the fans themselves; people put together the most amazing costumes and then actually PAY MONEY to walk around in them (just because you’re dressed up, it doesn’t mean you get a free pass). That’s what makes it so awesome, I guess. This guy must have slaved away in his garage for a month on this outfit – it was amazing. I hope he’s able to FINISH THE FIGHT come the end of September!


Check the detail!


Master Chief gets ALL the ladies. I guess it that kinda comes with the turf, being the savior of humanity and all.


So I’m a HUGE fan of the “His Dark Materials” trilogy; I think it’s just about the best kids books ever written. New Line, hoping to find the next “Lord of the Rings”, is in production on the series now, and based on the cool display they had at Comic-Con, they’re spending some big bucks to promote it. I hope it’s good! Here’s Lyra’s Alethiometer (the actual one used in the filming of the movie!). It looks really great. I tried to get a few different photos so I could review the symbols more closely when I got home. Which I did, because I’m a huge nerd.






This is a table projector, which would be the equivalent of the overhead AV projector in Lyra’s world. Lord Asriel uses this to show his fellow educators the Northern Lights in the first book. Which is awesome, by the way.


Here’s Iorek, in his meteor-armor. Kickass!


Rear shot. Man, my camera sucks, I need a crazy awesome camera like Gio.


This life sized Dalek helped promote the sale of Doctor Who toys. The new series is breathing new life to Doctor Who; at previous Comic-Cons, the Doctor Who merch was lame and relegated to a few select tables staffed by ├â┬╝bergeeks. Now it’s everywhere, which is great, because Doctor Who rocks the house.


These way cool little dead cat toys are called “Skelanimals”. The hot goth chick with pink hair didn’t hurt when it came to getting my attention, either. I have a thing for pink hair. I find it uncontrollably hot on the ladies.


How awesome are these things? If I had any spare room in apartment i’d have picked one up, but I don’t, so I didn’t.


The Con exclusive for the Skelanimals was a white “ghost” version which was pretty cool.


Here’s the Penny Arcade boys manning the fort. I love these guys.


They must make a fucking MINT on merchandise. They manned the booth for three straight days signing stuff and talking with the nerd fans. They must have been absolutely exhausted at the end of the show.


The Star Wars booth always has some interesting stuff; this year, they commissioned a bunch of pop-artists to use copies of Darth’s helmet as a canvas and to come up with fun takes. Here’s a few:


Darth Miranda!


This was a Van Gogh version…


This was “Gangsta Vada” with a full ice grill. If only the James Earl Jones “Vader Sessions” Darth had this – how awesome would that have been!



This one was called “voices in my head”.

They also had some models on display – which look GREAT. Now, I don’t want to tell tales out of school, but when I heard they were doing a CG Star Wars cartoon, I was thinking THIS would be the style; cool, hip, graphic, stylized. I don’t want to say how, but I’ve seen the models and art from the new Star Wars series and they look a bit like crappy wooden puppets, not graphic cartoons. Maybe it’s just me, but it felt like a budget version of the movie. Why not stray FAR from real, push the envelope and do it like THIS?



I mean, this model is on DISPLAY at the damned Star Wars booth. People were saying “oh, look how cool that is, I guess that’s how the series is going to look”. Not so much. Anyhow.

Apparently Robotech’s coming back as well – Toby Maguire’s production company has optioned Robotech and a remake is in the works. I wonder if we’ll see these – the Beta Fighter? Notice the hot docking action!


How about Lego? Comic-Con is all about Lego. Here’s a lego Batman!


Lego Spongebob!



Lego Chewbacca! This one is so awesome it deserves a few shots.




I eventually hopped on a panel about Podcasting with a ton of super awesome podcasters;


From the left, that’s one of the guys from iFanBoy; then me, then a girl who’s driving across the US with her dad who’s a comic-book star and blogging the whole thing; then the two guys from Pure Pwnage, then (I think) a from Geekscape.


On the left we have Casey from Galacticast and the Zadi from JetSet. We did an hour panel on Podcasting and talked about our shows and answered questions and it was a very fun and good time. Yahoo!


Afterwards I went for dinner with the fellows from Pure Pwnage and had what was probably the biggest burger of my life. It was absolutely fucking AWESOME. Too bad I can’t remember the name of the joint! I think it was Johnny Rottens or something. Unappetizing name but fantastic burgers.


Here’s some folks from “The B”, as well as Dave Skwarczek from Eat Your Lunch. I bump into Dave at pretty much every event I attend! Dave is super cool guy.

…see? He and I even have the same business card holder. I guess it’s the animation nerd standard!


The hordes descend on the Convention Hall.


Here’s some more of the horde, literally. Nice horns, ma’am!


Seeing as how this Con was the 25th anniversary of Bladerunner, there were a ton of Roys and Priss’s walking around. Good thing nobody retired them!


Here’s Casey from Galacticast. We got our groove on what can only be described as the lamest dance club in San Diego.

So that’s pretty much it!


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  1. Comment by Cameron @ September 15, 2007, 11:11 pm

    I just finished reading the Pullman trilogy. Got better as it went along, not that it started poorly, it didn’t. But I’m also a sucker for anything that bashes organized religion.

    What was with the people on the escalator? Were they off to the Viking Quest booth?

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