Kevin — July 4, 2006, 11:32 pm

Do you BOC?

Hey, if you’re a Boards of Canada fan, there’s a new EP out called Trans Canada Highway. It’s really great. Only a few songs, but hey. It’s still BOC, and they rock steady. I’m a HUGE fan of these guys; they’re a couple of dudes from Scotland, of all places, who grew up watching old “National Film Board of Canada” documentaries (Did you know they ran all over the world? Amazing!).


Pretty crazy – a couple of Scottish kids are so moved by glorious 16mm filmstrips about the Beaver and the Canada Goose that they actually grow up, learn to use a sequencer and a sampler, get their hands on a load of old National Film Board films, and deconstruct the living shit out of them. They tear out an odd sound here, a crackle and pop there, and then mutate and fuddle with those sounds so much that it’s almost impossible to decipher where the original sounds came from in the first place. Then they even name their band (or group, or whatever) after the National Film Board. They’ve done a few albums and each one is fantastic.

If you haven’t heard of Boards of Canada, check out thier first music video, which is almost as weird as they are. It’s for a single called “Dayvan Cowboy” (the original and a really odd downtempo remix are on the new EP). Click the link below to check it out.



Boards of Canada are amazingly talented and all of their albums – Music has the right to children and Campfire Headphase especially – are brilliant. Pick all of these up at Amazon:

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  1. Comment by That Chad Guy @ July 6, 2006, 8:46 am

    BOC’s great! Very old school (in rave years) Listened to a lot of BOC and squarepusher back in tha day.
    On a seperate note, I have a whole new respect for the Goose and Beaver, I wish I had the work ethic of a beaver…and the neck of a goose.

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