Kevin — August 30, 2007, 7:41 pm

Quick update

Buckley keeps bugging me to add some Comic-Con photos, which I will do – but it’s hard, because one in every three times when I fire up my Mac, my monitor looks like this:


You move a text box or a folder and the area inside it goes black. Uh oh. Looks like the G4 is getting on in years and is a little displeased with all the crap I’ve stuffed inside it. The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be, that’s for sure. Well, she’s still ear-ringing loud, just like it was when I bought it, and even after adding three hundred dollars worth of brushless German fans it STILL sounds like a harrier is hovering in my living room, so I guess some things never change. The only solution is unplugging it for thirty minutes and to try again. Someone get me a new contract after George finishes in November so I can buy myself a new Mac Pro!

Speaking of which, there’s an Apple event next Wednesday. Word to the wise – don’t buy an iPod between now and then. Spidey sense says new OSX based iPods en route. Perhaps the Mac Pros will get a speed bump as well, but that’s probably in a few more months when the next round of Intel Chips bow.

Anyhow, my Mac may be hooped, but there’s still cause to celebrate – JOHN DIGWEED is coming to town NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT! I’m SO going. Who’s coming with me?!

John and I go WAY back.


DIGWEED! Sure, it’s a school night, but come on. It’s fucking DIGWEED. Someone come dance with me. The last time he came it was awesome, it was like an episode of Thirty-something but with progressive trance; an old-skool raver reunion party, and it absolutely rocked. Here’s a photo from that night as snapped by a local photographer – I look forward to another kickass night!


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