Kevin — June 29, 2006, 8:29 pm

Summer is here… and so is ANOTHER BIKE ACCIDENT!

I’m going for a record, people! This is the THIRD SUMMER IN A ROW that my bike has been knocked over WHILE PARKED!

For crying out loud, it’s BRIGHT FUCKING YELLOW. What is WRONG with you people?

Last week’s special somebody was a guy from the Island in his… oh, wait for it… BIG ASS SUV! “Wow, I didn’t see it!”. Yeah, well, get a smaller vehicle, dork. Not only woud you avoid shit like this, you’d probably melt a few less polar ice caps every year, too. Last year it was some whump-nard in a pickup truck who offered me a hundred dollars so I could “paint over the scratches” (total bill for whump-nard: $2,500). This year’s guy paid a little more; he managed to mess up every single hunk of plastic on the bike – his trailer hitch lanced thru the high-side, which threw the nose down, which bounced up and then the tail took it. Yowza! I didn’t get a total take on the bill but I’m guessing in the 3 grand range. Luckly, my deductible was waived, but it’s still a drag.

bike_side.JPG bike_scuffs.JPG bike_tail.JPG bike_signal.JPG
Anyhow, it’s back on the road now, no more damage, looks good, summer is here, vroom vroom and all that good stuff. In fact, once it was all fixed up, I went for a quick boot with my friend Chad just to jiggle the new farings a little.

To further solidify people’s beliefs that I am “batshit fucking loco”, here’s a video I took while riding down a highway. Of me. From my motorcycle. WHILE DRIVING. Wheeee! Chad’s the bike in front.




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  1. Comment by That Chad Guy @ June 30, 2006, 10:10 am

    Be Honest…Does that bike make my ass look big?…

  2. Comment by sshinn @ June 30, 2006, 8:15 pm

    loco man. loco canadian. 😀

  3. Comment by esroberto @ January 28, 2008, 11:23 pm

    That totally fucked me up when you spun the camera onto yourself. I don’t ever need to see anything like that again. My heart is pounding in my throat. Warn somebody next time, will ya?!?!

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