Kevin — July 30, 2007, 10:15 pm

Back from Comic-Con.. and all the rage in Bangkok

Back from Comic-Con! Man, that’s the fourth trip in four weeks. I’m pooped (and broke). This coming weekend will mark the first Saturday & Sunday I’m going to spend in my home for a MONTH; Vegas, then Portland, then the UK, then San Diego. My pad is an absolute disaster and 3 hours of cleaning has hardly made a dent.

I owe a finished Vegas video (coming, coming), Lach wedding photos and some Comic-Con recap action. But for now, here’s something fun – a subway poster from Bangkok. A Tiki viewer who recently moved there saw this ad, had a chuckle, grabbed a couple snaps and mailed it in.

I have no idea what product I’m helping promote, but I think it’s fucking AWESOME that my dumb-ass mug is on a subway poster in Bangkok.



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