Kevin — July 2, 2007, 6:32 pm

Back from Platform

Great weekend! George aired (a sneak peek) on Friday, June 29th @ 4:30 so the crew and I all hit the lounge at Studio B and checked it out while enjoying a couple of bevvies. It feels GREAT to have the show on the air; we’re running every day over the summer @ 8am (on the “Camp Teletoon” block) and 4:30 (in the “spin cycle” block). That’s a ton of George!


Here’s a video of the crew checking out the fun. As soon as the show was over, I bolted to the Mini and raced as fast as I could to Portland to catch the last couple days of the new Platform Animation Festival. Thought I missed most of the show, the few panels I did catch were great – I hope they run it again next year. Portland is a really cool & very pretty city!

I stayed at the way cool Ace Hotel; my bosses dig “boutique” type hotels, which is great, because it means I get to stay in really cool joints. Seriously, when is the last time you had an painting of a cat dripping in oil painted right on your hotel room wall?


And the best part? Waiting for me in my hotel room? CAR PARTS!


To ship 4 new tires to Canada would have been well over a hundred bucks, so I had them (and a new fan for my radiator) shipped to the Hotel so I could just throw them in the back seat and drive them home. Worked out great!

The festival was awesome, really first rate affair. All the usual suspects were there; here’s a couple photos of Marv Newland presenting an award to Don Hertzfeldt.



We partied the night away and I took off around 5pm on Sunday to drive back to Vancouver. Driving a Mini on the I5 is an absolute exercise in highway humility – you basically live in the slow lane and have to accept the fact that pretty much every car on the road is going to pass you at some point. The thing is 35 years old and even with the newer, bigger engine, it runs out of breath on monster highways; at 110kph the tach is literally dancing on the redline and the car is starting to shake a little. I wish I had a 5th gear in the thing! I imagined that if I hit 130 the pistons were either going to explode out the hood or I’d soon be ejecting red-hot valves out the exhaust pipe. So I kept it to a steady 100 kph and just puttered away, slow and steady, in the far right lane. Thank goodness the stereo’s all done, I just thundered the tunes all the way home.


While the Mini may be slow, it sure does make people happy, though! People LOVE this damned car! I got honked at about fifteen times and people were always waving and looking and smiling. It’s an eleven thousand dollar smile machine! The tiny little gas tank meant that I had to stop a few times to tank up.


I’m off to London in 2 weeks for Lach’s wedding (YAY!) and I’m doing a similar “send the goodies ahead of me” thing there; some new fancy brakes that apparently can stop the car so fast that it actually can pull off brake-stands, and my new wheels (which will be fitted to the new Yokohama tires I just brought back). Black on black, baby! Yeah!

See, I’ll need those fancy brakes, see, because safety is important. Also, if George gets a pickup for Season two, I may just celebrate by adding a supercharger to my little smile-rocket so I can manage some moves like the ones in this video of a supercharged mini pulling off a killer brake-stand at the end of an autocross run.

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  1. Comment by Cameron @ July 4, 2007, 8:32 pm


    It doesn’t sound right that you’re maxing out at 110km/h. My buddy’s sister used to have a mini, and he said they’d pass everybody on the highway. Unless she did something with the gearbox (as you allude to).

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