Kevin — June 10, 2007, 9:21 pm

Chasing “THE BOOM”

Ok, I solved the power problem. The battery I had installed was a hunk of shit that couldn’t support the load I was putting on it – so it was freaking out. I replaced it with an Optima Yellow Top, which is a dry battery (no acid or water!) that is designed for high draw applications – like car audio. And since I’m running two amps, I need something with some snap!

So I did a load of research and decided to install these speakers in the back deck; I don’t have a ton of room to work with back there, so I wanted something small with a shallow depth that wouldn’t eat my trunk. I heard the 8″ version of these speakers sounded like a decent 10″ boxed sub, so I figured the 6″ version might sound like a real 8″.

So I took out the seats, and removed the back parcel shelf and there are already holes for a 5″ speaker here:


Good start – I just need to cut away the remaining inch and a half to fit my 6.75″ speakers! So I took the wooden parcel shelf down to Ralph’s Car Audio on Terminal; I had the guys there bore me a couple of holes for my speakers (because I don’t trust myself with a Jigsaw). They did a dandy job; see?


It amuses me to no end that I actually park in a spot marked “small car”. I’m tempted to paint “VERY” before “SMALL CAR” in the same font, but the building manager probably wouldn’t take kindly to that.

Anyhow, now that I’ve got the parcel shelf ready – time for me to hack away the shelf to make room for the speakers.

Here’s a video of me doing just that.

And after all that? Turns out; no. They’re midbass drivers, and I was hoping to put them on a low-pass crossover so they would sort of work like little subs. But they sound like… midbass drivers. Which is lovely, but not what I wanted. So I’m going to order one of these and throw it in the back between the two midbass drivers; I’ll hook it to a monoblock 200 watt amp, and that should give me “THE BOOM” that I seek. It’ll hang down into the trunk about 2.5 inches, which is what I was trying to avoid, but it’s the only way to get “THE BOOM”. It took a ton of searching to find this sub – it doesn’t need a box (which would have eaten the ENTIRE trunk) and it’s not totally tacky looking, so it won’t make my car look totally foolish. Most of the subs out there are very… “streety”. With big letters and wacky graphics and dumb looking space-age ridges, which would look exceedingly stupid in a 35 year old car. Like this one, or this one, or this one. Yeah, no thanks. Nobody wants 8’s; everybody wants dual 12″ subs to they shake out your fillings. I just want good, full, sound – not a fucking rolling earthquake. Hopefully that Image Dynamics sub should fit the bill. The reviews are pretty good, so fingers crossed!

Oh, and the front rally lights are in, the interior’s been done; I just gotta clean it up and we’ll get some photos! All the seats in the car are black now except for the read bench – i went to Dressew and bought some microsuede to match my racing seats and sewed that last weekend, I’m about a quarter of the way done.

Getting closer!

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  1. Comment by Cameron @ June 10, 2007, 10:12 pm

    Soup pot lid for safety first… making sparks near gas tank later. You are the dichotomy of man.

    Oh, and loved the music. Loved it.

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