Kevin — April 10, 2007, 10:28 pm

Sounding FAWSOME

I am terribly proud of myself! I wired up an amp in my car all by my lonesone. Drilled the holes, attached all the cables from the head unit, ran the wires under the carpets, drilled the seatframe to run the cables into the trunk. Now i’ve got this bad boy powering my JBL 6×9’s which live on a custom board hidden under the back seat that I installed (by myself, no less). With the default deck power, the JBL’s sound pretty good. But with 100 watts RMS per channel? Whooooo!!!!! It’s like somebody poured a bucket of AWESOME on the speakers. That’s EXACTLY what they are rated for, and holy SHIT do they sound amazing. Tight, clear bass that fucking WHUMPS through the seat. Not loud, yucky, dual 12″ subwoofer hip-hop doofus bass, but tight, deep, clean hits with incredible dynamic range. Once the front speakers get installed, when these custom pod things arrive, we’ll be good to go – tight bass and clear, clean highs. Whoooop!

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  1. Comment by ancientrobot @ April 13, 2007, 2:13 pm

    Whoo Whoo! I love that clip. My favourite part is when “Tuff-Luv” takes off zig-zaggin’ down the street and almost gets hit by a car at the intersection. Let’s see a picture of your Mini!

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