Kevin — March 13, 2007, 11:37 pm


My new nephew Hadley seems to enjoy video conferencing as much as I do!

What kind of cellphone will Hadley have when he’s fifteen? Will it even BE a cellphone, or will it be just a hardwire that you bolt into the base of your neck? I still chuckle when parents say “wow, you should see little bobby, he’s only five and he knows how to use the computer!”. When will these parents get it? There’s no magic associated with the computer for Bobby. To Bobby, the computer is about as exciting as the toaster or the TV. It’s a device that simply performs a function. You push X and Y happens. Whoop dee doo. Hadley, for example, while seemingly overjoyed with his introduction to videoconferencing in this shot, will probably be equally bored talking to Uncle Kevin on either the telephone or the iSight by the time he’s five. They’re both communications devices. I imagine walkie-talkies might still hold some allure, though. I’ll have to keep some in a drawer to find out.

But then he’ll go to the schoolyard and say “my uncle makes cartoons”, and that’ll make him somewhat cool. And if the kids give him guff, I’ll show him how to distrat his targets with the fake “wind-up for the face punch”, which then usually makes the target take a half step back, leaving the balls exposed for a solid kneeing. Something tells me his mother isn’t going to give him those lessons; that’ll be my job.

Oh, and teaching Felicity how to no-scope headshots, I have to do that when I’m not teaching Hadley the ins and outs of dirty fighting.

You know, this uncle thing could end up being kinda fun!


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  1. Comment by Cameron @ March 14, 2007, 12:10 am

    Tyler now knows how to turn the computer (and monitor) on and off. She also knows how to get her favourite DVDs into the DVD player. The one she doesn’t know, because I’ve been careful not to show her, is how to change the video input on the TV so she can actually watch her DVDs. She’s not even 3, yet!

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