Kevin — June 28, 2006, 12:12 am

Weird image from GoogleMaps

Hey, so you know about Google maps, right? You can type in anything, like “Hastings & Main, Vancouver”, hit enter, and it’ll look for something similar, ask you if that’s it, and then whammo, there you are. A map – or a satellite image. Or a hybrid of a map with a cached satellite image. Some of the images are really old – for instance, there’s areas of Vancouver that must be three of four years old, because new buildings have come up since. Still, it’s amazingly cool. You can literally see your house from space.

I was using it the other day to find this repair shop in Richmond and got the WEIRDEST result… Check it out!

airplane_richmond_00.jpg   airplane_richmond_01.jpg   airplane_richmond_02.jpg

This plane is landing… and at the exact same moment, some unseen satellite in a geosynchronous orbit around the Earth is snapping its photo. How often do you get to see the top of a plane as it’s landing? Kinda cool. Check out the halation around it’s wings.

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