Kevin — January 17, 2007, 1:59 am

Whirlwind Macworld and CES tour!

Got back yesterday from a frantic trip to Macworld and CES (my first time at both) where we did a bit of a presentation on the teeky action.

Here’s some snaps!

Night one: Hook up with Sarah in San Fran, and a couple of friends from the Teeky forums.


We checked out the Tonga Room, which is way-old heritage Tiki lounge FIRST, then rolled to Trader Vics in San Fran where Lars the bartender cooked up the best fucking Mai Tai I have EVER had in my LIFE. Like, WOWZA, good.


Tonga room!


Trader Vics!


Trader Vics shakers!


Tiki KEG full of MAI TAI! (I actually drunkenly bought one of those kegs, they were they fantastic and on sale, and I had a credit card… you know how it is).


Tiki friends!

Ok, over to Macworld now. iPhone! Check out the mob. The thing spun in a glass case. It is absolutely fucking stunning. Like, when I saw the iPod, I was “wow, it’s pretty neat, I’ll have to get one of those one day”. I bought a 3rd gen after a couple years. The phone? FORGET ABOUT IT. I almost smashed open the case and tried to make a break for it. It’s like something from the year 3000. It is AMAZING.


Ok, so here’s our panel.


Digg did a live taping from Macworld, but it was at the same fucking time! How annoying! Here’s Kevin prepping for his big event.


Meanwhile, we’re on a panel doing our thing. Here’s a few snaps. Tons of fun, good crowd.






Ok! Show’s over! Plane to Vegas! WORST FLIGHT EVER. Crazy ass turbulence. BIG no thank-you.


Off to CES! We did a presentation at the DivX booth to promote “Stage6”, which carries a few our episodes (like… three of them. We really need to get encoding and get them up there). Embarassing.


Rev3’s In-Digital was shooting an episode when we got there, we came on after them. Wesley Crusher! I tried to say hello and introduce myself but “they really had to go”. Ah well. Next time. I had the hat but it got mushed in my carry-on bag.



Will looks a bit like Cammy Mac, no?

Ok! Showtime! I made shooters and handed them out in collectible DivX shot glasses. Here’s the front row (I shot a little movie, but it’s at work – i’ll post it here in a bit) of the crowd. There was a camera rolling too, so that might hit the net later. Here’s the front row – Geoff and Jarett are in the front row, the creators and stars of the mockumentary gamer geek show Pure Pwnage, which i hadn’t seen but now I’m totally hooked. It follows Jeremy, “Teh_Pwnerer”, who is trying to make it as a pro gamer, as seen thru the eyes of his brother Kyle, who’s an aspiring filmmaker. Like our show, it takes a while to find its legs, but by show 6 i was lauging out loud. It’s great! Check it out! n00b.


After the show we hung out with the fellas from Divx and the Pwnage guys and ended up at Wynn, where we saw a giant frog sing songs. Seriously. I got a video at work, I’ll post it.


DivX graciously took us for dinner at TI’s “Social Room”, which is GREAT sushi. Check out these mini-kobe beef burgers. HOLY SHIT were they good!


We were in a private room called “The Crack Room”, which has hanging from the ceiling… crack pipes! Aaah, Vegas. How I love thee.


Ok that’s it really. I placed 2nd in a Texas Hold-em tourney at Binions, won four hundred bucks, then lost it all because some idiot played 4-9 off-suit when I raised pre-flop thirty bucks and then he called an all in by the guy with bullets versus my trip queens on the turn to the tune of two hundred dollars hoping for a fucking six and he hit it on the river. What a pile of ass! Next time.




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  1. Comment by Cameron @ January 18, 2007, 10:15 am

    Short hair and facial hair does not a Cammy Mac make.

  2. Comment by That Chad Guy @ January 18, 2007, 11:56 am

    I agree, short salt and pepper hair with facial hair makes a Cammy Mac….boo yaa

    Kev, been busy have ya?! Looks like you had a blast. Those TIKI bars at the top look awesome, did you pick up a trader vics shaker too? Those look awesome! We’ll have to get together and share a keg over some 360 one of these nights…

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