Kevin — November 30, 2006, 10:58 am

Quick update: DJ Set online (not mine)

Busy busy busy! My friend and co-worker Bryan Atkinson (he’s the editor on “George of the Jungle”) turned out a techno set that he wanted to post online to share with some friends.. so if you are one of those people and came to this site thinking “what the fuck is a naked sponge and who is this blathering idiot and why doesn’t he just shut the hell up and give me the damned file?!”… Well grumpy pants, you can GET THE MIX HERE. Right Click that link and ‘save as’ to download it to your desktop.

Or, if the whole “right click” thing is too complicated, CLICK HERE to download a zipped version of the set, which should automatically save to your desktop. Double click the thing once you’ve got it on your desktop – it’ll be a “zip” file (which is a file that’s shrunk). It should “de-shrink” to the proper format (which is mp3) which you can then put on your trendy new iPod Nano.
If you’re down with the techno vibe, feel free to check it out – it’s about an hour long. Have fun!

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