Kevin — November 9, 2006, 11:29 pm

Onward to Pittsburgh!

According to Business Week, I’m off tomorrow (friday) on the 6:14am flight to Pittsburgh (via Chicago) for the Pittsburgh Podcamp. There’s a party on Saturday night at bar called Bossa Nova; it looks pretty swank and the cocktail list looks fantastic. The “Red Elvis”? Are you KIDDING me? I don’t know what te hell “luminesent Pink Sugars” are, but I FULLY intend to find out.

Though I always promise it and sometimes fail to deliver… I will post photos when I return.

That is, if I don’t die from liver failure from all that pink sugar first.

OH! And my good friend and co-worker Geoff Manson might be coming by here to look for some ideas of what he could get from Amazon. Geoff, why don’t I make you some handy links for those items? You could just simply click here for them! You should buy these, Geoff!

this!or perhaps this! and this!or what about this! or how about this! or this!then you could top it off with one of these! oh and don’t forget one of these for me while you’re at it. thanks buddy!

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