Kevin — June 20, 2010, 8:09 pm

2010 Animation Magazine Pitch Party!

Hey hey! Long time no update. Again.

Anyhow, what are YOU doing this find Sunday? Out Parasailing? Picnicking? Paintballing? Pony riding? Whatever it is, I bet you’re not sitting here reviewing FIFTY SEVEN different pitches and offering detailed feedback on each one! Right? RIGHT? Yeah, I figured! You know WHY you’re not doing that? Because you’re not a judge for the 2010 Pitch Party Contest from Animation Magazine!

Creators from around the world basically buy a 1/6th page ad and a panel of industry decision makers pick a favorite, and offer feedback for each pitch. I am one of the several industry “decision makers” for the contest and as such, I’m on pot of coffee number 2 and busily reviewing all these pitches while the LA sunshine beams outside my window!

Amusingly enough, I actually ENTERED this pitch party back in… 2002, I think? I entered my “Crashed” series (which I ended up selling to Cartoon Network a couple years AFTER entering). Back then, I figured 300 bucks was cheaper than airfare to LA, and my concept would get reviewed by all the decision makers, which would later serve as a nice ice-breaker when I pitched them in person (and it did!). So when I got asked to judge this years pitch party, I thought hey, this is kind of cool, I’ve come full circle!

If you want to play along, you can go ahead and vote for your favorite pitch – just follow the link here, and then click on your favorite. There’s a prize for the most popular entry, the audience choice winners (I think) get to pitch whomever they like in person. So vote away and help out an emerging artist!

Ok, distraction over, back to reviewing pitches.

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