Kevin — November 7, 2006, 11:45 pm

Moby rocks New York

Good GOD, have you seen the new Moby video? It’s FANTASTIC! Four pokey suburbanites from a “sparkle motion” type dance group live the dream and dance their way to the top of New York City. It’s a grandious display of mediocrity, pimped out in gold foil lame’, and it’s absolutely fucking fantastic.

Tiff, the fearless leader, who even when bleeding maintains her resolve to “dance it out”.


Then there’s rich kid Dickie, who’s left a life of luxary to follow his dream of dancing on Broadway; his committment is unparalled, his boyish charms bested only by his silken smooth dance moves.


And then there’s PJ; deadly serious, and seriosuly deadly. He couples a well mastered “blue steel” empowered stare with the beauty and charm of a trained boy-band front man. PJ didn’t choose the stage. The stage chose him the day he was born.


And who can forget the plucky Tammy; New York rips away her pleasant “girl next door” demenor much like Tammy rips off a pair of red velvet tear-away track pants, leaving a roaring, primal, tiger-woman in it’s stead. God, Tammy’s uncontained passion literally SCREAMS at you from across the screen.
And DAMN, that Moby can BREAK IT OUT.

Awesome, awesome, and still more awesome. Man, this would have been an absolute BLAST to film.


Check it on the Yoo-Toob.

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