Kevin — March 17, 2010, 2:08 am

My first earthquake!

My first earthquake came and went and I didn’t even notice it! It hit this morning at 4am, and was a 4.4, apparently, that lasted about 5 seconds. I was out like a log, probably because I was asleep for a whole 2 hours before it hit.

The updates here have been pretty thin as of late – I’m hesitant to post anything because A: I’m still really busy at my new gig, spending a lot of time trying to get up to speed and B: I’m not entirely sure what I can SAY about my new gig out here on the internets, anyhow. Suffice it to say that I spend a lot of time at work, but it’s a very cool gig and I work with very awesome people so that’s all cool beans.

I really did like blabbing away on this blog, it’s a nice creative outlet. But with the limited time and the lack of stuff I can say about work (which is basically the only thing I do right now!) there’s not much to say.

I bought a fancy car and then within 3 weeks had scratched it 4 times. Go me! “Your first LA car should be a hunk of shit” they said. I told them “but I want a fancy convertible so the ladies will love me”. Well, the ladies can now laugh at my curb-rashed wheels and scuffed up side and comment at what a shitty driver I must be, so that plan sort of backfired on me. Ah well, at least I get to take the top down – it was 27 celsius today! 27, sunny, gorgeous! in MARCH! Bananas.

If I can’t SAY stuff about LA, I might start posting more photos from my iPhone. I bought a fancy DSLR before I left New York thinking I’d get back into photography but I’ve been too busy to really learn how to use the thing, but I still manage to take photos with my iPhone, so I’ll try to post more of those online. Those are easy.

Ok, it’s midnight, I just got home, and I have an 8am breakfast tomorrow with a creator to discuss a project that I haven’t read, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to read in bed until I fall asleep with a script in my lap.


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