Kevin — February 15, 2010, 11:06 pm

First 3 Months in LA are DONE!

Well, it’s been 3 months at my new gig here in sunny Los Angeles! Sorry for the lack up updates, lots to do!

LA’s great. The weather is lovely (it DID rain for a week, which freaked EVERYONE out, but being from Vancouver you learn to just sort of ignore rain). I’ve met some cool people, found a poker game, moved into a nice apartment (with a terrible parking situation, but more on that later).



I still can’t really believe it, it’s pretty wild. My highway exit off the 101 spits me out right in Hollywood, staring up at the Hollywood Sign. I mean, it’s RIGHT THERE. I LITERALLY live in HOLLYWOOD. How the hell did THIS happen?


I’m still settling in, still need a bunch of furniture, still need to put up art. But beyond that, I think I’m settling in here. The new gig is super great, I’m working with some AMAZING people, everyone at DIsney is super smart and very nice. I was pretty busy in New York, but that’s nothing compared to the work here in LA. I used to wonder why it took network people so long to get back to you after a pitch or took 2 weeks to hear back on an email – now I know. For the first few weeks it felt a bit like drinking from a fire hose but I feel like I’m starting to figure the gig out a little, which helps. Now all I have to do is find and develop a hit series. No pressure!

Anyhow, LA’s great, California’s great, sorry for the lack of updates. Will try to post more often now that I am settling in!

California. Home of sun, surf, and people who REALLY like bumper stickers.


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