Kevin — December 18, 2009, 5:40 am

NYC Memories

It’s been a month and a half since I left New York City, and I know updates have been sparse (I’m jumping right into it in LA!) but I figured I’d better post some photos of my experience in New York City. Flickr seems to work well, so I’ve gone ahead and set up a Flicker set (or whatever it’s called) that has the photo and some text underneath. Click here to check it out. (Mom, if you click on the first small picture on the right, the one that is purple and black, that will open the first image in the set; then click on the little photo of my face on the right, and that’ll take you to the next photo; keep clicking on that space (where my face was) and it’ll load the next image in sequence. If it’s too confusing call and I’ll walk you through it, do not hit the computer with a rolling pin as you have in the past to “prove your point to the machine”). For those of you who are not my Mom.. Hi! Click the link already, you no doubt know what to do after checking out all of Corsi’s beautifully photographed Flicker sets.

NYC, what an awesome experience. I already miss it but LA’s slowly growing on me – it’s sunny every day, that’s something, and the people out here are, to my untrained eye, generally nicer (which makes sense, they haven’t felt the bitter sting of winter or experienced the agony of just missing a local train in the 3rd sub-level of the NYC subway in the dead of summer; those things toughen a person up).

Anyhow, enjoy the photos, I’m off to bed, need to keep fighting the flu. The virus is in full retreat!


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