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Off on another dashing, bold adventure

I should have seen it coming when I got this fortune at my local noodle shop (Mee’s Noodle Shop & Grill on 2nd and 31st, big thumbs up). I finished slurping down my dinner a couple weeks ago and cracked open my cookie to find this:


It appears the cookie got it right! I am indeed headed off on another dashing bold adventure!

Seems it was just yesterday I packed up my bags and shipped my life from Vancouver to the Big Apple. Well, as you may have heard, I’m packing up again to head to Los Angeles to work with the awesome folks at Walt Disney TV Animation, where I’ll be developing new shows for both channels. It’s an incredible opportunity and I’m super, SUPER excited about it. Variety broke the news (VARIETY, FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!) and soon after that it was on AWN, The Wrap, Animation Magazine, and C21 (who decided to play the super clever “Disney takes Gamble” pun). Some of the animation blogs like this one and that one decided to rock the Tiki Bar angle, which is always cool to see. Glad Jeff got a mention in the full release, which was a nice tip of the hat (the AWN article is essentially the entire unedited press release). And the release mentioned “Math Time”! HA! We’ll have to post that online one day. Or not.

So, everything was packed up Friday and is now en route to LA in a truck. The movers arrived early – like, WAY early – 7am. The mover told me he’d be there at 8:30am and then rang the bell at 7am saying “the tunnel traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought”. SEVEN AM! Guurrgh. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do a whole lot – in fact, I didn’t really do ANYTHING. My new employer is treating me to a “full service move”. Let me tell you, if you’ve never done the “full service move”, you need to splurge for it next time! You do literally NOTHING! I disconnected my computers and stereo the night before and that was all I really had to do. A team of crack relocation commandos descended on my apartment with boxes, tape, paper and proceeded to pack EVERYTHING. I’m talking about a guy in the kitchen wrapping all my tiki mugs. One guy wrapping my glass desk top in cardboard and zap strapping foam bits around it. Crates for the TV. THEY DO EVERYTHING! IT RULES!


The team humped all my junk into a truck and by about 10:30 am my apartment was totally empty. All that was left was the suitcase I’m currently living out of, and my laptop bag. I wandered down the block to a hotel and checked in to that and hung around New York to do one last Hallowe’en, which was super duper fantastic awesome.

By Sunday night I was winging my way to Los Angeles, and I’m now checked into a lovely guest house right next to the Disney studios in Burbank, where I can abide until I find a pad of my own. Not that I really want to leave, this place is fantastic! It even has Mickey ice cube trays in the freezer! Adorable!


My first day on the job is this coming Monday (November 9th). I’ve spent the last two days driving around looking for an apartment and I have come to the following conclusions:

1: I hate driving around, primarily because I am a terrible driver
2: People in Los Angeles LOVE wall-to-wall carpet.

Seriously, almost EVERY apartment, and I’ve seen a few over the past few days, has this dreadful carpet. Carpet! Like, from 1972! Pull that crap up and let’s see the hardwood underneath, people!

Here’s another strange LA thing – about half the apartments I’ve seen don’t come with refrigerators! There’s just this gaping hole in the kitchen where it goes. The first time I saw it I was like “hey, what’s the deal here?” and the guy looked at me like I was from mars and said “that’s where the refrigerator goes”. I’m like, “yes, it sure is. So, uh, will there BE a fridge in that spot when I move in, or am I just going to keep my food in foam coolers?”. Apparently, this is a common thing, which blows my mind. How is a fridge any less important than a stove, which OF COURSE comes with the unit. I mean OF COURSE the landlord gives you a stove! C’mon. That’s silly. But No no, you have to supply your own fridge. It’s very strange. Who the hell wants to lug a fridge around on moving day? Is Craigslist here just awash with fridges? “Moving, must sell Fridge TODAY!”. WEIRD!

My first inclination was to try to live in Hollywood, because… I mean… it’s Hollywood. You know, where they make the movies. Plus my Mom would be able to say “my Son lives in Hollywood” (which I’m sure she’s doing to say anyhow, true or not). Well, I drove around there a bit today after seeing a few apartments in that area and decided Hollywood isn’t where they make the movies, it’s where they sell the t-shirts and bumper stickers that are loosely RELATED to movie making. Hollywood, to my virgin, untrained and totally ignorant eyes, is “not so much of the awesome”. It’s kind of like Vancouver’s Lower East Side, but with better merchandising. It’s just… boring. A little on the “meh” side. But hey, this is my take after one day, so don’t hold me to it.

Los Feliz, on the other hand, felt like it had a bit of a neighbourhoody vibe; like, you can WALK from your house (GASP!) to the coffee shop or dinner. That’s something I really want; I did a ton of that in Vancouver, walking up to Main & Broadway, and of course that is ENTIRELY how New York works. You walk EVERYWHERE. To go shopping in New York, you pick up your little canvas shopping bag, you wander down to the local store (which is a block away), you buy a bag of stuff, you go home.

I had to get some “stuff” for my new abode (coffee, a note pad, a pen, some snacks, sub-par bagels, etc) so I wandered over to Target here in Burbank and did some shopping “LA Style”. You park in the strip mall, then you go inside this cavernous monster of a store and wander around with this SUV sized shopping cart. Seriously, I’ve gotten so used to New York’s tiny little grocery stores that when I hit the milk isle in Target I basically stopped in my tracks. The fridges holding milk were bigger than the ENTIRE FREEZER SECTION of my local grocery in New York. There were, like, fifteen options for 1% milk. I was basically stunned into indecision and wandered off to find some pita chips before gathering the courage to go back!

Anyhow, I’d better get back on Craigslist to see what pads are showing tomorrow – no rest for the weary. Thanks for all the super awesome posts on my Facebook wall, too! I’m running with only webmail here so if you’ve dropped me a line recently and I haven’t responded then please accept my apology!


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  1. Comment by lizzielizzie @ November 4, 2009, 1:41 pm

    HOLY SHIT CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Bummer that we never hauled you back upstate for another giant Tiki party, but dood! Disney?!? ROCK!

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