Kevin — August 26, 2009, 12:18 am

Johnny Johnny on Wine Library TV (sort of…)

So HEY! Gary did a live taping of Wine Library TV yesterday here in New York! I saw the invitation for guests go out on the Twitters so I replied thinking “oh, this will be neat, Gary’s going to get a bunch of interesting people together and we’ll all talk about wine and such, that’ll be fun”.

So I raced up to the hotel where they were shooting, stopped to get my Fez, and went into the room where they had set up a table with (of course) Gary at the head. They asked me to sit on Gary’s right so (I assumed) I could play off him and we could get a little banter going on.


I got there with literally 5 minutes to spare and sat down and then literally minutes later the host was in there and we were off to the races. My first clue should have been that Gary was the only guy with a mic – he had a wireless pack on his belt, but I didn’t see any other mics in the room (which is when I should have probably taken off my hat and just gone as “Kevin” rather than “Johnny Johnny”). I tried to quickly figure out who was with me – New York’s digerati? Fellow new media nerds? No, they were just folks off the street who came to see the show because they were fans of Gary.


I guess I should have figured out at that point that I was basically “studio audience” and not expected to say anything, but hey, I was sitting there, and there was a camera, so my goofball instincts sort of kicked in. I did a fair bit of mugging for the camera and played up the “let’s just pour a little more wine here” for the Tiki Bar fans who might be watching, you know?



Anyhow, I got to try some reasonably good wine (I think, I’m not much of a wine guy) and it was great to hang with Gary, who is an absolute hoot.

I checked out the comments from Gary’s site today and had a bit of a chuckle. Apparently Wine Library TV and Tiki Bar TV DO NOT share fans! Well, we share ONE, but that’s it. HA HA! People must have thought I was bonkers!







Good fun in NYC!

Oh yeah, those comments – the “QOTD” thing? Those are answers to Gary’s “Question of the Day”. Gary posts a question of the day – which was “When I say New York City, what do you think of?” and his fans – AKA Vayniacs, AKA The VaynerNation – post a reply. Gary does this 30 minute show EVERY DAY and has a pretty huge following who (apparently) show up for him and not some nut in a funny hat!


Love it.

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  1. Comment by tct @ August 26, 2009, 7:34 pm

    The reaction by viewers to your “antics” is insane. JJ isn’t half as annoying as host Gary himself.

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