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Kevin — June 29, 2006, 8:29 pm

Summer is here… and so is ANOTHER BIKE ACCIDENT!

I’m going for a record, people! This is the THIRD SUMMER IN A ROW that my bike has been knocked over WHILE PARKED! For crying out loud, it’s BRIGHT FUCKING YELLOW. What is WRONG with you people? Last week’s special somebody was a guy from the Island in his… oh, wait for it… BIG ASS […]

Kevin — June 28, 2006, 8:26 pm

Where are the old links?

If you’re looking for older “Sponge” stuff – i’ve already had a few emails (what do you people DO all day?) asking where the old bits are. Look to your right – see “Pages”? Click on the page that says “where is all the Sponge stuff”. Also, hop down to LINKS (also on the right […]

Kevin — , 12:19 am

Moved over!

ok, so i moved all the posts from Rocketchicken to Nakedsponge. Well, when I say “moved”, i mean “re entered everything by hand”, because the “easy to follow steps for moving one WordPress site to another server” were anything but. Problem is, I lost all the user accounts. Now, come on, come on, it wasn’t […]

Kevin — , 12:12 am

Weird image from GoogleMaps

Hey, so you know about Google maps, right? You can type in anything, like “Hastings & Main, Vancouver”, hit enter, and it’ll look for something similar, ask you if that’s it, and then whammo, there you are. A map – or a satellite image. Or a hybrid of a map with a cached satellite image. […]

Kevin — , 12:10 am


The good couple who keep my fat and fed were downstairs again today, peddling their wares. The funny thing is they are quite shy; they just stand there quietly with their two buckets of goodies and hope people will ask “what the heck is all this?”. I think all the world needs to know just […]

Kevin — , 12:10 am

The top image…

See the image at the top? I’ve made a quick template in photshop, so I’ll be able to change the initial image and the caption quickly (and often). For some reason the template uses .png as it’s default- PNG! Who wants a fucking 300k file that reloads every page? I’ve made it a jpeg and […]

Kevin — , 12:09 am

New layout. New Nakedsponge.

It’s on a temp server until I decide if it’s worthy of a change for now… whaddya think? I’m using the WordPress package, which seems pretty nifty. Beats the hell out of GoLive 6.0, which was a little too advanced for me – I’m sure in the hands of a digital artist, that package can […]

Kevin — , 12:07 am


Testing testing.